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  1. Jeniene says:

    I have been practicing with stephanie going on 3yrs and loving it- it has brought peace and calmness to my otherwise hectic world- stephanie will be there with her always calming effect helping me start my journey for the day and sending me on my way with what I wished everyone, everyday could say they start their day with -gratitude and an open heart, thanks steph!!

  2. Yogaaaah…….I love Steph’s Flow class! I consistently leave this class feeling invigorated and like I have gained strength by clearing out stresses from my body and mind. Stephanie creates an atmosphere for practice that is truly calming, through voice, meditation, music, candles and awareness in practice. Variations for every level, wonderful!

  3. I love Steph, I came to yoga to help me with my chronic pain condition, but you wouldnt know it now, Stephanie has opened my body physically, but far more IMPORTANTLY, she has opened my heart .Yoga allows me to calm my pain,as well as our daily struggles …..NAMASTE…….

  4. Stephanie is an Awesome Yoga teacher. I have experienced great results and found her knowledge of Restorative Yoga to be extensive. I would recommend anyone who is looking to gain Physical and Mental Balance to take her Restorative class. Thanks Steph

  5. I love Stephanie’s class even though it’s a challenge! I still enjoy it! Steph always has easier or harder variations of one pose.

  6. Stephanie has a soothing approach to using yoga on a routine basis. After just 30 minutes with Stephanie and practicing the technique she showed me, I felt more relaxed, focused and happy to continue on with my day. I feel more alive now than ever before. Thank you Stephanie! Namaste

  7. Stephanie is a bright spirit in my day. She has such a peaceful presence that puts me to ease right away. I really enjoy her Restorative Yoga poses and will use them daily. Thank you Stephanie!

  8. The passion Stephanie has for Yoga shows in her gentle manner and instruction of her yoga classes. I truly enjoy practicing Yoga with Stephanie.

  9. You are a wonderful instructor Stephanie.Thank you for helping me find something I love which has helped me open up my soul once again… something I can do anywhere that is just for me…

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