Zan VanBrunschot

zan bio picHot Flow is an invigorating class that integrates breath with movement and builds strength, flexibility and core stability. Sequences include sun salutations, standing, balancing, back-bends, seated and twisting postures and may even include introductions to arm balances and inversions. Flow is not a set series, allowing instructors the freedom to play with alignment and movement and is suited for all levels. Hot Detox Flow incorporates twisting postures and breath-work to intensify the detoxification process for our inner organs and the entire body. When I shower off my sweat at the end of the class I feel as if I have cleaned the biggest organ of the human body from inside to out… my skin. Through my breath I cleanse the inner workings of my lungs and digestion, and along with all this cleansing of the physical self, I am acutely aware of a cleansing of spirit and soul! This feeling creates freedom… I hope that my classes reflect a love for alignment, and I try to keep it down to earth and accessible to all by teaching multi-level classes with modifications for beginners and more complex variations for the seasoned practitioner. Students can expect clarity and precision in my cuing or at the very least; perhaps and new and interesting perspective on a familiar posture. I try to provide guidance for a gentle but intense practice at all levels. In terms of style, students can expect the strength and challenge of Power, the alignment of Iyengar with the grace of Flow. As a teacher, I believe in offering EVERYONE the experience of concentrating, healing, and enjoying ourselves through our movement and breath! I am passionate about leading a flowing, creative, challenging yet supportive class: a well-rounded and invigorating “dance on the mat” using yoga as a tool to find contentment in our bodies and minds, as well as to balance and deepen our lives. Inspiration comes to me from many sources, the elements, the beauty of nature, the inexplicable splendor of the ocean…. And from witnessing the growth and transformation of yogis I am fortunate enough to share energy with. Fitness to me for many years was punctuated with failed commitments to go to the Gym, lifting weights and running on treadmills. It always felt mindless and shallow for me, and could never hold my attention for more than a few months at a time. I witnessed a lot of Ego’s in designer spandex and wounded self-esteems trying to find their way, myself included. When I discovered yoga it was like a breath of fresh air, it somehow all made sense, felt natural and easily resonated with the ‘me’ I was at the time, but especially the ‘me’ I aspired to become. Yoga entered my life sometime just before the dawn of this new millennium. It was just something I decided to try one day, and it fit so well into who and what I am that I cannot imagine my life without it. Yoga has been my constant companion ever since, and has rescued me over and over again. The most amazing attribute was that it never bored me, the more I practiced the more I discovered, the more I discovered the more I broadened my horizons. The potential is limitless. I needed to share this remarkable life enhancer, so I decided to become an instructor. In 2004 I dedicated an entire year to learning to TEACH yoga, to take it beyond my own personal private experience to a level of sharing my love and joy of asana and beyond. I went to the source, to Mother India, to study with different styles and traditions of this ancient practice. I discovered so much about the tradition and even more about myself. It was love at first sight, and has continued to be my delight. Nothing gives me the same kind of feeling than sharing a yoga class with others. It’s the ultimate gift, for it gives both ways.

Teaches Hot Flow
For more info about her classes and to register, please call Zan at 403.507.9602