Retreat Testimonials

Peru Retreat 2015

Stephanie and Aly’s Peru Retreat was the most includible life changing event! They created a trip that allowed me to re-connect with myself, meet wonderful people and see a magical part of the world.  I highly recommend Blissful Energy Yoga experiences!  ~ Kim

This has for certain been a magical and sacred experience. The journey was well planned and well executed. Our group was eclectic and fun. The venues and the tours were outstanding. The food was nourishing. The yoga was both challenging and restorative. The people were loving. The surroundings were a gift to the soul. By Day 10, I was saturated with awesomness. ~Rita

This was an amazing experience! This retreat was an amazing combination of culture, spirituality and health. Being able to start and end my day with two inspiring yoga classes allowed me to feel rejuvenated and healthy. As teachers, Stephanie and Aly were engaging and thoughtful. Their classes were well sequenced and the style of class was perfectly timed to our sightseeing itinerary. Our guide was knowledgeable, humorous and kind. He provided an amazing overview of history and culture that i felt was honest and intelligent. The retreat center was BEAUTIFUL! The food delicious. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this whole experience was!!!! Thank you so much!!! ~ Stephanie

This was a trip of a lifetime. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. The food was fantastic, the people so friendly and I always felt safe. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone. I fell in love with the beauty of this mountainous country! ~ Arlene

It was through the sound knowledge, effective yoga skill and nurturing spirit of Stephanie’s guidance that made this week remarkable. I watched the individuals in the group bond deeply and shed layers of emotion that were ” no longer serving them” under Stephanie’s guidance. We are all returning home happy and renewed and with peaceful memories that will last a lifetime. – Sandy

The “teaching” of Yoga was outstanding! Yoga is your “calling”. Teaching is your “gift”. I am blessed to be one of your students. – Rita

It was a wonderful experience & journey of self-realization and growth. Stephanie is knowledgeable, supportive & inspiring. Loved it. “Life is Good”! Karen

I feel very relaxed and rejuvenated. The combination of yoga, sun, surf, great people and great food; all soothed and opened my spirit. Everything from the airport to retreat center was well-organized. Stephanie’s yoga instruction was varied, challenging and nurturing. I feel very happy and lucky to have been included in this beautiful retreat! – Sue

Thank you for your skill, openness, warmth, and attentiveness! – Sandra

The retreat has generated wonderful memories, new friendships and a sense of peace and oneness with the world. It has given me a sense of purpose in living my remaining years. – Anonymous